FEET HURT? BURNS ORTHO. Foot Orthotics and Chiropody foot care: Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Rockland.
Appointment Checklist


Ensure that you book at the most convenient location.  Call 613-742-5788 for more information and to book appointment.

          Location 1 at 595 Montreal Rd. suite 104 between St-Laurent Blvd. and Aviation Parkway. FREE parking.

             Location 2 at 210 Centrum Blvd. Suite 208, Orleans, ON, K1E 2V7. Parking available

             Location 3 at 99 Kakulu Rd., Suite 201, Kanata, ON, K2L 3C8. Parking available.

          Location 4 at 2741 Chamberland St., Suite 203, Rockland, ON, K4K 0B4

Arrive 10 minutes early so as to fill in necessary patient forms. Rockland, Kanata, and Orleans patients, please have a seat and we will come and get you.

Bring the following to your appointment:

a: Prescription ( We are unable to manufacture the custom made orthotics without it)

b:Several pairs of shoes that you normally wear.(dress, running, dancing, casual, walking, sports footwear), we need to look at the orthopaedic value of the shoe, as well as the wear pattern. Also, to make sure the shoe will accommodate the foot orthotics.

c:Shorts and T-shirt, to see the alignment from ankles, knees, hips and shoulders.

d:Bring any previous foot orthotics if you have them.

Cancellations: 24 hours in advance to this # (613) 742-5788 otherwise a 45.00$ charge will apply.

Fees: The price for the custom made foot orthotics: $450.00 for the 2 week service  or  $475.00 for the expedited service 

 note: Prior notice is required for expedited service

            This all-inclusive fee includes all the following necessary procedures:

  • Biomechanical evaluation and gait analysis by a Certified Pedorthist.
  • Casting of feet. (Amfit; a plaster equivalent technique that takes a 3 dimensional, non-weight-bearing impression of feet for proper orthotics manufacturing.
  • All components of manufacturing CUSTOM foot orthotics. No extra charge for Materials, Covers, Additions nor Corrections.
  • All required adjustment follow-up visits.

(A deposit of 50% will be required the day of your first appointment)

Payment Method: We accept VISA, MC, INTERAC and CASH. NO CHEQUES OR AMEX.

Additional Fees for extra pairs:  Additional pairs of custom made orthotics may be purchased for a fee of $250.00 per pair within 3 months of receiving first pair.

Please notify us if you are with Social Services, WSIB, Veterans Affairs or RCMP. (We will require prior approval and we bill them directly)