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Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Foot Orthotics

Will my insurance cover it?

We do not deal directly with insurance companies. You may want to call them and ask what is covered under your insurance plan.   back to questions     

Who performs the assessments?

One of our Canadian Certified Pedorthists.back to questions

What is a pedorthist?

A specialist who is trained to manufacture, fit and modify foot orthotics and footwear, for the purpose of relieving pain or assist in biomechanical abnormalities of the foot.back to questions

Do you need a prescription?

You can book an evaluation prior to getting a prescription, however, we need a prescription to dispense the orthotics, and your insurance company will require one as well.back to questions

Who can write the prescription for me?

Your family doctor or a medical specialist. back to questions

What method is used to take the impression of the foot?

The Pedorthist has the skills to use many casting techniques, plaster, foam box, wax and a casting device, all of which gives an accurate 3-dimensional impression of your foot. back to questions

How long does an orthotic last?

We recommend that you replace your orthotics every year because as you age, gain or lose weight, become diabetic or arthritic, your feet will change. The orthotics, like your shoes, also wear over time.back to questions

Are the orthotics transferable?

Yes, if the shoes are compatible with one another (you cannot fit an orthotic made for a running shoe into a dress shoe). Foot orthotics are also sports specific (a foot orthotic for ski boots will be very different from a foot orthotic for golf shoes).back to questions

What are orthotics used for?

Orthotics can be used to treat heel pain, arch pain, bunions, calluses, metatarsalgia, neuroma, claw toes, arthritic and diabetic conditions, knee pain, lower back strains, flat feet, pes planus, pes cavus, leg length discrepancies etc. They are also used to enhance comfort and performance in sports footwear.

NOTE: Foot orthotics are not to be confused with or compared to arch supports. Arch supports simply provide extra support in footwear, whereas your functional foot orthotics are custom made to the exact contours of your foot impression. Orthotics are used to help control the foot function and foot position in patients who have abnormal foot function due to poor biomechanics or post surgically.back to questions

Are there different types of orthotics?

There are many types of orthotics. After the evaluation, the pedorthist will design and manufacture the foot orthotics for you. back to questions

Do these orthotics need to be placed inside "special shoes"?

The shoes do not have to be ugly or "special". To ensure the foot orthotics perform properly, the pedorthist will evaluate the shoes you bring.back to questions

Orthopedic quality shoes have a flat, wide, non-mobile shank, a strong heel cup counter and a removable insole. Since the shoe is the one thing between the ground and the foot orthotic, the better the condition of the shoe, the better the orthotic will perform. Orthopedic quality footwear can be purchased in our clinic at regular retail prices.back to questions

Can you fit these orthotics into any sport related footwear?

Yes. We can fit custom foot orthotics into any ski boots, cycling shoes, golf shoes, in-line skates ect...back to questions

After my feet get better, can I stop wearing the orthotics?

The orthotics are made to help correct non-ideal foot motion. If you stop wearing the orthotics, the non-ideal foot motion will continue and the pain will most likely return. We also recommend replacing the orthotics annually.back to questions