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How to Choose an Orthotic Supplier

  •  Ask about credentials, certification, and training. Visit a Canadian Certified Pedorthist in a clinic that makes orthotics. There is a real connection when the person assessing the patient is making the orthotic.

  •  Ask how long it takes for the orthotics to be manufactured and if the orthotics are made on site. If it takes more than 10 days, they may not be made on site. If they can offer same-day service, you have the convenience of rapid treatment.

  •  Ask the provider if adjustments are done while you wait; most adjustments take just 5 to 10 minutes if there is a lab on site. This also allows for fine tuning during initial trial. 
  •  Ask the provider if they sell therapeutic shoes.  If so, it is likely that they can help you to decide on the appropriate footwear to enhance the orthotic function.

  •  Ask the provider how the orthotics will accommodate your fashion preference and your athletic footwear. Wearing a corrective device part-time (especially only for high impact sporting activities) can be worse than not wearing it at all. The provider should suggest bringing your favourite footwear to the assessment and design different orthotics to suit your different types of shoes (dress and sport). Often, more than one pair of orthotics is necessary because the shoe design and functions are so different that the orthotic design must be changed to fit each shoe or sport function.

  •  Ask the provider how you will know if the orthotic is working or not. A good answer to this question is "your original discomfort  is relieved and there is no new discomfort, and you are pleased."