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Footwear Fitting 101

Key Criteria to look for in a good shoe...

  • Removable Insole - Check to see if the insole can be removed and replaced with custom foot orthotics.

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  • Proper Heel Counter -Test a shoe's heel counter by placing the shoe in the palm of your hand and applying pressure to the mid-portion of the heel, trying to bend the back of the shoe. A heel counter that does not bend will provide superior motion control. 

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  • Bend Test - Hold the shoe in both hands at opposite ends, and bring your hands together. Ideally, the shoe should only bend at the ball of the foot, which matches the movement of the foot.

rocker sole

  • Rocker Sole -  A good rocker sole effectively transfers the body weight during normal walking and running to ease in the propulsion during the gait cycle.

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